The PC (vs. Mac) of blogs…

When I told a coworker about this blog, she gave me a perplexed look and began to say, “Why would you…?”.  She is, of course, from the blogging generation.  I have always wanted to have a blog, but I never had anything worth broadcasting to the world.  If anyone cares about my pancake recipe or my new adventures in Boxing, you won’t find that here. It finally occurred to me that a blog could be something useful, rather than a place to complain about [insert peeve here].

Yes, I know that this blog isn’t very clever (how’s that working for ya) and I know that this is like the PC of blogs, but it should at least be useful.


4 Responses to The PC (vs. Mac) of blogs…

  1. Cristina says:

    I am famous!!!

  2. Patrick says:

    Will you be bringing your vast warehouse of knowledge with you to the TSA in October?

  3. Dannielle says:

    is there a way to submit questions?

  4. You can send questions to Frequently asked questions will be posted here.

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