Edge Protection

Accessible ramps and ramp landings require edge protection to prevent users from slipping off of the ramped surface.

TAS 4.8.7 Edge Protection. Ramps and landings with drop-offs shall have curbs, walls, railings, or projecting surfaces that prevent people from slipping off the ramp. Curbs shall be a minimum of 2 in (50 mm) high (see Fig. 17).

Accessible routes with slopes of 5% or less are not considered ramps and do not require edge protection even if there is a drop off.

Also, curb ramps do not require edge protection.

Remember, these standards are only a minimum requirement.  If you have a sidewalk with a drop-off that you believe could be a hazard, some sort of barrier may be advised.  Just be sure that you don’t create a trip hazard.

And, the building code will usually require guards when you have a drop-off greater than 30″.


One Response to Edge Protection

  1. Scott says:

    Come on now. That’s a wading pool for those hot summer day.
    Why do you want to upset little children.

    On the plus side, that is one nice looking curb.

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