Guess the Question: fair housing act curb on shower

Today,  somebody found this site by searching for “fair housing act curb on shower”.  In the spirit of Carnac the Magnificent, I will attempt to divine the question based simply on this query.

Oooooommmmm, OOOOOOOmmmmmm, UUUUhhhhhhhh….I mean , OOOOOOOmmmmmm

“In a dwelling unit, subject to the Fair Housing Act Design Requirements, can a shower have a curb?”

Great question!  Yes, a shower may have a curb of any height.  In covered dwelling units, you are only required to provide a clear floor space at the shower; there are no prohibitions or  specifications for curbs.

If you are designing a Type A unit, then either an accessible shower or bathtub is required.  If you choose to make the shower accessible, you will be limited to a 1/2″ high curb.

I hope that adequately questions the answer that you were seeking.


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