Uhhh….I’m left speechless.

I saw this on the west side of Houston this week.

photo_040809_002I even went into the store and asked that they remove the sign…..it was still up the next day.


3 Responses to Uhhh….I’m left speechless.

  1. Eric Batte says:

    I saw this, too and I thought to myself, “Jeromy would love this!”

    I’m glad you got to see it.


  2. Dan Lundeen says:

    Yes, Jeromy, all the time I am telling retailers, especially grocery stores, that they can’t store the shopping carts on the sidewalk or curb ramps where they block the accessible route. They usually improve for a day or two and then its back the way it was.

    Also the aisles are frequently blocked with merchandise displays that don’t leave enough room to get past. It really seems hopeless sometimes.

  3. Steven Jackson says:

    They want you to run through it like a Friday night football game. Go team!

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