Problems with curb ramps and little girl photo bombs.

The problem with a perpendicular curb ramp is that it will often take up most of your sidewalk; see my post on Why Your Curb Ramp is too Steep for more on that.

The minimum width of an accessible route is 36″ and since the accessible route cannot have a cross slope greater than 2%, the route must go around a curb ramp rather than across a curb ramp.  In the first photo, we have a perpendicular curb ramp that occupies most of the sidewalk, but as long as the clearance from the top of the curb ramp to the facade is 36″ or more, it is acceptable.

Little Girl Photo Bomb!

In this second photo, the clearance between the column and the top of the ramp is less than 36″ and the accessible route has been disrupted.  This curb ramp and the accessible parking it serves should be relocated or reconfigured so that the accessible route is maintained across the front of the shopping center.

It is also important to keep perpendicular curb ramps out of the maneuvering clearance required at doors.


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