California (Building Code) here I come!

Normally, I answer questions on this blog, but today I am drudging my way through the accessibility portions, chapters 11A & B, of the California Building Code and I have a few questions:

1. Why did they write this in the first place?
2. What’s with the seemingly random paragraph justification? Is this code, commentary or just good advice?
3. Is it just me or is there unnecessary repetition? For example, 1133B.5.4.4 requires that ramp landings extend 24″ past the strike edge of any door for exterior ramps, but this is an unnecessary requirement since it is covered under the maneuvering clearance requirements for doors.

Sometimes I wonder if the folks in California forget that there is an entire country to the east of them. It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel, especially if all you can come up with is an oval.


One Response to California (Building Code) here I come!

  1. Having just written a comparison and analysis between the 2010 CBSC (Title 24) and the 2010 ADA Standards for a client, I completely empathize with you! My head is spinning with the many places the requirements are not only duplicated, but sometimes not so consistently. How do they ever think they can achieve equivalency certification? So much of their “new” 2010 standards are based on old standards… did they even consult the 2004 ADAAG? Unbelievable. If I wasn’t already bald, being a CASp would have me pulling my hair out.

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