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Architectural Barriers: defined

Existing Light Switch

To Submit or Not To Submit: When is a Texas Accessibility Standards review and inspection required

Fair Housing Act – Covered Units

Open Risers on Stairs

Everything is Bigger in Texas: Parking signs

Edge Protection

Funny – Not-so-accessible toilet

Criticism – Cool Architecture/Bad Design

FHA – Type A, Type B, Spec A, Spec B

Grade Level Accessible Exits in New Construction

Wheelchair Access in Houston Downtown Tunnels

No Power in Houston = A Lesson in Architectural Barriers

Two-story tenant space within a shopping center

Criticism – Shopping for Answers = Bad Practice for Architects

FHA Design Requirements the Musical

Best Musical Act Ever at a TSA Convention

Hurricane Recovery and ADA Compliance

Special Election Post

Accessible Means of Egress and Entrances

Ignorance is no “good” excuse……..: Accessible Parking

Detectable Warnings on Curb Ramps required by the revised ADA/ABA Guidelines

Update on the New ADA Guidelines

Signage accessible to the vision impaired

Fiction: The Convention

Passenger Loading Zones

Way to go Security Guy at the Chocolate Bar

President Obama on Disabilities

Godzilla vs. Disability Law

Flexible Curbs for Accessible Roll-in Showers

Fair Housing Ordinance put to the test in Houston

An accessible roll-in shower for two.

Guess the Question: fair housing act curb on shower

It’s not a Flat Earth: Why your curb ramp is too steep.

Uhhh….I’m left speechless.

Disabled Access Tax Credit

Get out of my way…in memory of Mike

Contrasting Curb Ramps and Detectable Warnings

Detectable warnings on curb ramps

Gallery Furniture Fire and High-Piled Combustible Storage

Are built-in shoe shine stands required to be accessible?

HB 1055 gives you more time to forget to submit.

Wheelchair Turning Space in Janitor’s Closets

When are Automatic Door Openers Required?

Architectural Barriers Exemptions in Texas

The Verti-Foot: A novel architectural invention.

But it’s for employees only….

You will be replaced by a computer: review of Solibri Model Checker

The Problem with Handrail Extensions

Accessible Work Surfaces and Countertops: When and Where

Covered Parking – Accessible Parking Required

Curb Ramps v. Ramps

Overuse of Detectable Warnings

When is a toilet room required to be accessible?

Slip, Trip, Fall and the ADA

FHA Specification A or Specification B Bathrooms

Are there Bigger Accessible Toilet Stalls in our future?

Special Crazy Person Post: Stossel and Rand get it wrong.

Problems with curb ramps and little girl photo bombs.

Wheelchair Ramp: A fun GIF

20th Anniversary of the ADA

It’s Finally Here! A new ADAAG!

The PERILS of SLOOOOOOPE!: An educational video


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