Best Musical Act Ever at a TSA Convention

October 29, 2008

I received this email from a Dallas architect who stumbled into our seminar at the Texas Society of Architects Convention,

“…your ‘Smothers Brothersish’ style struck me as innovative and fresh.”

Now, that is probably the first time that the Smothers Brothers have been called “innovative and fresh”, but the compliment is appreciated.

Another comment was, “OMG. You did not. Oh, you did. Wow.”

If you really want to hear it again, the FHA Design Requirements song is available here: FHA Song.  Although, this version does not have Kevin on lead mandolin.

There have been many requests for the mysterious handout that only two people had copies of at the convention.  Here it is for download: FHA Essentials

The diagrams used in the seminar were taken from the FHA Design Manual, which is available in pdf format here: FHA Design Manual

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to my brother for helping with the FHA legal stuff and for playing mandolin.  Also, thank you to our sound guy (a former guitarist for Exodus) who made sure that everyone could hear.

See you in Houston next year!